Regarding Domain Transfer Secret Or Authorization (Auth) Code And How To Obtain It From Your Current Registrar?

At the time of domain name registration the code assigned by the Registrar is called as Domain Transfer Secret or Authorization (Auth) Code. To ensure the owner/registrant of the domain can only Transfer their domain name, this Domain Transfer Secret works as a password for a domain. Obtain the Domain (Transfer) Secret or Auth first as it is very essential for transferring any domain name for any below mentioned TLDs (extensions). Code from your Current Registrar:


For a .EU domain name the Authorization Code will be in XXXX-AAAA-BBBB-CCCC format where XXXX is the plain-text identifier for the current Registrar, and AAAA, BBBB and CCCC are four random characters (letters & digits) blocks separated by dashes.

After request, Registrar generates the Authorization Code which is valid for 40 days’ time period. Every time when the code is requested, a new Authorization Code will generate on the spot, which will replace the previous one and will remain valid for 40 days.

The request submitted for the duration of the first day (24 hours from the time of first request) of the validity time period of the code will not result in generating a new code. Then the same code will return from that request with same remaining validity time period.


If on 15 Dec 2012 at 11.00 AM GMT the first request for the Authorization Code is made. Then an Authorization Code will generate with 40 days validity. And all the further code requests made within the next 24 hours (16 Dec 2012 11.00 AM GMT) will return same code with same remaining validity time period. All requests which are made after the first 24 hours will return a new Authorization Code.

Immediately after use, the Authorization Code linked with a .EU domain name will become invalid. For a .NZ domain name, upon Registration, the Registry directly allocates a code called as Unique Domain Authentication ID (UDAI). At the time of transferring a .NZ domain name from one Registrar to other one, the Unique Domain Authentication ID (UDAI) is vital for authentication.

Preferably, the Domain (Transfer) Secret or Auth Code of your domain name provided by your Registrar should be available inside the Control Panel. If you are unable to trace your Domain (Transfer) Secret or Auth Code, you have to contact your Current Registrar’s Support Team, to obtain the same.


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