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BUILD WEBSITES provide Secure, reliable backup to protect your most important files from data loss and ransomware. Keeping a backup of your website is a wonderful idea to prevent data losses. It provides insurance against all types of setbacks, such as security compromises and inadvertently deleting your entire site (it happens). BUILD WEBSITES suggest backing up your site before you make changes each and every time. That way, if something goes awry, you have a fresh copy that you know is working. It might seem like a hassle, but the first time you use a backup, you’re going to pat yourself on the back for having so much foresight.

A website backup refers to a duplicate of all the data present on your website. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, it eliminates the need to reconstruct your website from the ground up. Instead, you can utilize this additional copy to reinstate your site. Moreover, a website backup proves advantageous when transferring your site to a different hosting provider.

By consistently performing website backups, you can guarantee the security of your site and prevent the loss of all the effort you have invested. Absence of a website backup may impede your ability to recreate the entirety of the content you have painstakingly crafted for your audience.


Predictable Backups

Fast, reliable backups in minutes. Onsite & Cloud.

Rapid Recoveries

Quick, flexible & granular recoveries of your backups.

Modular Pricing

Only pay for what you need, not for what you won't use.

Remote Management

Manage & monitor backups for all your sites.

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