WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION | Are you getting Frustrated with your Slow Loading Website?

Slow Websites Are Silent Killers for Businesses
–Don’t Worry! We are (@Build Websites) happy to help you to WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION for your Dream Website.
Users do not like to wait for web pages to load, and search engines like Google use site speed as one of its factors for search rankings. Your website design must be eye-catching, but avoid cramming everything onto the page.
Some most frustrating reasons behind slow processing speed of website:
1. High resolution images and heavy files needs to be optimized
2. Due to unnecessary Complex coding & large number of plug-ins
3. Due to too many advertisements & sudden increase in web traffic
4. Due to Cache/Junk files and Hosting provider DNS issues
5. Too many social sharing buttons
6. Code density in terms of CSS, HTML, and Javascript
7. Unnecessary redirection and outdated CMS System
8. And many more factors are there
So, Consult instant to grow your business online.

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Published Date : 06 June 2021