Best Web Designing Trends in 2022

In current world, technology and digitalization has reached in every nook and corner. And the most popular form of digitalization is websites. Websites are mainly used to communicate with a huge range of audiences on a visual level. Websites are of different kinds like to provide information, to showcase any business’s products and services to their customers, or many more. Therefore, at the time of website design it becomes very important that the website should be eye catching, attractive and unique, so that it can create a great impact and an ever lasting impression on its visitors.

So, let’s have a look on some of the best web designing trends that are popular in 2022.

Dynamic & Responsive Website Pages

Website pages with dynamic & responsive design contain elements that can give more curious look to the website and can engage the visitors for longer time. Use of interactive features and animations increases the look & feel of the website page and can intensely increase the user interaction. Some of the common dynamic elements are water droplets in constant motion, water ripple effect, fishes in background, etc. Along with these dynamic elements it is very essential that the webpage is responsive too. Nowadays, many people use smartphones more than desktop, so, the website page must work accurately in all kinds of devices be it smartphones or desktops or any other device like, laptop, notebook or tablets, etc.

Interactive Scrolling

Scrolling over long web pages is quite boring and annoying. To improve engagement, scrolling is the best opportunity for including quirky animations or animated widgets. Page scrolling can be used to take users on a journey or to tell a story that the website intends. Interactive scrolling can best used for informative or story telling websites, as interactive and attractive animations can grab the visitor’s attention and improve engagement.

Broken Grids

Unlike traditional grid pattern those are used in website layout design, broken grids are more popular today. Broken grids defy the logic of traditional grid layouts. Broken grids take small grids and then isolate them thereby allowing the use of multiple grids in an unconventional way. Broken grids allow overlapping which can enhance the web page’s look and feel more.

Dark Mode

Nowadays, almost all websites and apps allows ‘dark mode’ feature, be it Google, YouTube, WhatsApp, or anything else. Dark mode provides low-light interface using darker colors like black or grey as primary background color for website design. Since nowadays, work from home culture increased, hence, the screen time also got extended; therefore, the dark mode gained huge popularity because of its power and elegance, and it is also helpful for minimizing eye strain.

Split Screen Design

Split screen design is used to showcase different types of contents those are equally interactive and engaging. This type of designs is helpful for creating attractive, informative and well organized websites. The colors used in the websites which use this theme can be stark contrasts as it represents duality.


The best recipe for success is to combine high resolution photos with right graphics. Photos & illustrations in frames can be used together throughout the design with the help of layering. This can give an animated look to the real picture which is a key way to increase user interaction. This kind of mixing technique provides creativity and fun to any typical image.


Minimalism is based on simple & crisp, to the point & bold text, using monochromatic color scheme. The main USP of minimalistic website design is it relies in its lucidity and that fact that summarized amount of information or text expresses volumes and delivers the message with directness. Minimalistic websites uses minimal texts with monochromatic color scheme along with interactive panels to sell their products.

Gradient Color Palette

Pastel colors offer simplicity and beauty to the website design, but gradient colors brought new revolution. Gradient color designs created boom in website pages.

Hand Drawn Illustrations

In today’s digital ear people generally uses digital art and NFTs thereby forgetting the importance of hand drawing illustrations or graphics. The personal touch with little imperfection works best as it gives genuine and vintage feel. These kinds of website designs are generally used for portfolios which include doodles, scribbles, analog textures, messy cut outs, etc.

Pop Art

Pop art is generally associated with vintage stickers & posters or comic books. It is commonly referred to any design of past. Pop art gives color coded and cartoons look that provides uncommon and distinctive look.

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