Vantage Safari

Description (Scope of Work)

Vantage Safari- this website belongs to a Tourism catefories. They organize the Travel n Tourism to carry all the responsibilities of making your trip. Their prime mission is to make the trip of their valuable clients as good as possible with complete assurance of safety and security. Besides, ensuring the comfort of each and every of their service consumers is also one of the most mentionable and important parts of their mission. Turning the entire process of travelling a bit easier is their vision. In other words, they desire to introduce an easier and more comfortable way of travelling through each and every of their tour package. So, that’s the main focus of this website to meet all kind of Travel n Tourism related services.

Technologies Used :

  •   WordPress
  •    Payment Gateway Integration
  •    HTML5
  •    CSS
  •    JQuery
  •    JavaScript
  •    Bootstrap