House my Student

Description (Scope of Work)

HOUSE MY STUDENT was set up to help students around the world find safe and secure accommodation, while on their studies. The Website goals is to create a platform and community that could help and bring student and Hosts together on one easy to use platform. We created this platform that is not only safe and secure but takes the hassle out of hosting and gives students piece of mind to find a host family they can enjoy staying with and with a wealth of information to make an educated choice where they wish to stay. House My Student is not just an intermediator website but as mentioned a platform that can provide a wealth of information to both hosts and students. Profiles of both parties helps with choices on where one wants to stay, who they want to stay with, and also an abundance of information and help from ourselves to try to get the right fit for both host and student . We believe House my student takes the stress out of moving and gives peace of mind for everyone when chosing a place to stay. Competitively priced accommodation for students on a budget and low service fees compared to other agencies and websites, makes House My Student an extremely popular platform. We believe that Hosts/Families can give local knowledge/security, with a wealth of experience to their guest. Not only can hosts make some extra money renting out a spare room in their home but build long term relationships with students and their families. Students learn about different cultures first hand and get to stay in a place they feel safe, while studying away from home for long periods. Our mission was have provided a safe and secure platform for both STUDENTS and HOSTS that they could trust.. We receive only 12.5% of total booking value and this is paid by the student. If the booking period is longer than 3 months we only receive 12.5% up to 3 months. So, that’s the main Scope of Work of this entire website.

Technologies Used :

  •   PHP
  •    MySQLi
  •    HTML5
  •    CSS
  •    JQuery
  •    JavaScript
  •    Bootstrap